Swarovski  Cream Pearl Earrings

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Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 20.00

Cream Pearl Deco Style Earrings

$ 20.00

Vintage Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 20.00

Simple Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 9.00

Cream Pearl Vintage Earrings

$ 15.00

Cream Pearl & Rondell Earrings

$ 10.00

Cream Pearl Dangle Earrings

$ 14.00

Cream Pearl Filigree Earrings

$ 12.00

Tiny Cream Pearl Earrings


Swarovski Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 20.00

Mini Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 5.00

Small Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 6.00

Deco Style Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 15.00

Long Cream Pearl Chandelier Earrings

$ 45.00

Swarovski Cream Pearl Crystal Earrings


4" Cream Pearl Chandelier Earrings

$ 25.00

Cream Pearl Chandelier Earrings

$ 28.00

Cream Pearl Dangle Earrings

$ 20.00

Cream Pearl Drop Earrings


Elegant Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 25.00

Swarovski Cream Pearl Earrings

$ 25.00

Pearl Chandelier Earrings

$ 25.00

I have handcrafted and hand-linked each pair of earrings using my own original designs. All of my designs are based on beautiful and unique Vintage Style Jewelry from many different eras. I use only first quality Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Simulated Crystal Pearls and Genuine Freshwater Pearls.

Every piece of jewelry that you see represents my continuing commitment and dedication to the highest standard of quality in design and craftsmanship.

If you are looking for unique styles of Bridal Jewelry or need to special order multiple quantities of earrings for your wedding party please contact me and I will be happy to email you photos and price discount information.

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